WATCH: Maltese Dancer Performed With Cheryl Cole And Miley Cyrus

He's got a star-studded list of projects to his name

Just in case you needed a little pick-me-up, here's another reminder of the incredible Maltese talent making waves across the international scene. 

Josef Degabriele is a young Maltese dancer, currently residing in Amsterdam whose talent has seen him take to the stage with icons such as Cheryl Cole, Miley Cyrus and Alexandra Burke. 

His story starts all the way back in 2004, where his talents as a dancer help secure a spot at the Juniour Eurovision that year. He then moved to London where he was offered a scholarship to attend college there for a year, and his career shot up from there.

Speaking to Lovin Malta Josef explained that his first real 'omg' moment came when he was offered a spot on stage as one of the backing dancers for Miley Cyrus. 

"One of the choreographers at my college offered me the job and I was so hype!" he explained, "after that I auditioned to perform on the X Factor with Alexandra Burke and I got that too, which allowed me to work with Beyonce's coreographer". 

Yeah, we'd say that's a pretty big 'omg' moment too.

The final cherry on the cake was his work with and Cheryl Cole, who he's worked with on several occasions. First he was cast in the music video for Three Words, before he went on to tango his way through several TV Specials of her hit song Parachute.

Having seen his success take him places many dancers can only dream of, we had to know what advice he'd give to other aspiring artists in Malta. His response was simple, if a little cheesy (his words, not ours!) 

"Think BIG. Sometimes moving away is daunting but you need to take a leap of faith and not let small hurdles doubt your craft. I won't lie and say the art world is easy, but hard work and determination will pay off." 

Now Josef has branched out into a new side of the art world as he experiments with photography. When explaining the move Josef explained that he doesn't feel like he's shifted away from dance, but rather that he's found a new way to interpret what he knows; his life as a dancer helps him capture the spirit of movement and the meaning of every position during a shoot.

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