WATCH: Maltese Dog's Relatable Monday Feels Go Viral Internationally

Monty knows that weekly struggle all too well

Waking up on a Monday morning to yet another weekly grind is nearly always a bitch... even if there's the promise of over 200 chicken nuggets waiting for you at the office. One Maltese dog knows that so well, that his hilariously relatable antics ended up making him virally famous.

A couple of days ago, Liża Mallia posted a video of her furry friend Monty on the popular Facebook forum Cool Dog Group. The short clip showed Monty sitting on the living room sofa, dozing off in a very human - and adorable - way. Soon enough, things really kicked off.

Monty Relatable

The video quickly racked up over 2,000 reactions, but soon, Liża was contacted by an even bigger group

"This woman from Irish Post asked me if she can share it, and by Monday, it was on the page," Liża told Lovin Malta. Sitting on 2.2 million followers, The Irish Post were perfectly positioned to help Monty go viral.

In just a couple of hours, the video - coupled with a caption on the struggles of Mondays - garnered another 30,000 views, along with hundreds of other combined comments, reactions and shares.

"I wasn't expecting his usual grumpy sleeping face to go 'viral' the way it did," Liża admitted

Monty, a four-year-old rescue, is a very energetic dog, but this is apparently not the first time that he's had to lie down and process the burden of existence before. Well, we're just happy Liża was there with her mobile phone this time round to capture it all and spread the clip!

Here's Monty, cheekily winking at the camera while yet again contemplating the burden of existence, this time alongside Liża's brother, Samwel

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