WATCH: Dancing Nuns Feature On This Awesome New Music Video By The Travellers

Ħafi, Paċi, Kuluri, u Sorijiet

The Travellers have quickly established themselves as one of Malta's top mainstream bands, and with their latest offering, it doesn't seem like they're going anywhere anytime soon. The guys have just released the music video for their new single Ħafi Paċi Kuluri, which also happens to be the first release from their upcoming debut album. And yes, dancing nuns.

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"We wanted to show people that happiness can be found in the most mundane of everyday tasks," the band said, explaining the concept behind the video. "It's the one thing money can't buy."

The song also marks a slight change in direction for the band's sound, with the signature brass tunes evolving into a more polished result. But we're pretty sure we know what you're thinking; adorable dancing nuns!

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The Travellers have a busy summer ahead of them, which kicked off in the best way possible at Isle of MTV last week. They will also continue working on their debut album, recording throughout the summer and playing new songs at the concerts they have lined up. They'll be taking the stage next this Friday at the Beland Music Festival along with a couple of other local heavyweights.

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