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WATCH: This Impromptu Warden Duo Singing Backstreet Boys On X Factor Malta Will Make Your Day

Two wardens appeared on X Factor Malta’s second episode last night, with their spontaneous joint audition that saw them covering the Backstreet Boys’ classic, I Want It That Way. But the officers had both originally auditioned as solo acts…

First of the two, Local Warden Chris Cassar, took to the X to give the judges his rendition of Ed Sheeran’s Photograph.

It’s here that we start getting an indication of what might be coming Cassar’s way.

The judges love his audition, but feel as though he might be best suited in a group. He’s already got the look, and Alex confirms he’s got potential. So with Bootcamp looming on the horizon, the  father-warden is sent through to the next round with four Yeses.

During Anthony Scinto’s audition, we were gifted the glorious unity, after his rendition of The Script’s No Good in Goodbye:

Scinto, another Council Officer, comes through and belts out his song, before Ray has an epiphany and realises they’d already seen another warden audition earlier on. So of course, Ray asks Chris from before to join them all in the audition room.

Because this is Malta, naturally, the two wardens know each other.

Dubbed ‘The New Wardens’ by Ray (who is clearly pining for the groups this year), the two officers give us a solid performance together and because Alex is – well, Alex – she thinks they’ll be able to make the concept “very fun” and proposes the two continue through the competition as a group.

The two wardens are sent through to Bootcamp where we might just see some form of a dramatic exit from the duo, emotional soundtrack and all, and, well, we can’t wait to see it all unfold on our screens.

Who was your favourite X Factor auditionee from last night’s episode?

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