WATCH: Travel Video On Malta's Capital Goes Viral With Hilariously Awkward Typo

It's like stepping into an alternate past

A short, one-minute clip on Malta's capital city has gone viral on Facebook, amassing nearly 120,000 views and 1,500 shares in less than 24 hours. Uploaded by Travel + Leisure (which has close to three million followers on their page), the video has one glaring issue... it lists the capital down as Vallentta. For three consecutive times.

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As most of the video's hundreds of comments quickly pointed out, the triple typo isn't even the only 'error' in the video.

At a point, the video even gives audiences a time-lapse of Valletta's Triton Square, but there are some glaring differences. For one, the Triton Fountain is still in its unrestored state. Oh, and let's not gloss over the fact that the square was still being used as a bus terminus... for the old yellow buses which haven't been used in the last seven years. 

In fact, even Valletta's City Gate is still in its older version that 90s kids will instantly recognise. 

Considering the video was released just last weekend and so many things have changed since some of the footage was filmed, the whole clip ends up being a hilarious train-wreck (albeit a tad frustrating) from the point of a view of a Maltese person. It's almost like stepping into an alternate past of the Mediterranean.

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The video has since then received a ton of comments, both from locals and foreigners. And while some didn't shy away from expressing their rage at the popular page, others took it all with a pinch of salt.

"It's in Malnta," one user said, while another simple asked, "What about Marsalakkok?"

Of course, as others explained, mistake or not, Valletta is a beautiful city to visit, and no amount of silly typo should discourage you from visiting.

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