WATCH: Young Maltese Rapper's Strong Debut Is A Sign Of Even More Great Things To Come

Malta, say hello to CHEF

Rap and hip hop are clearly still dominating the Maltese music landscape, and the only-growing trend doesn't seem to be going anywhere. Of course, having a lot of young and fresh talent definitely helps the scene, and last night, yet another name joined the game.

Adam Warrington just turned 21, but he's already managed to cement himself as one of the most promising names in Malta's new hip hop scene thanks to his 12-track debut studio album Liquid Thoughts, released earlier last September. Now, Adam, known as CHEF, took to YouTube yesterday to release his first ever music video, Crux.

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While most of the latest Maltese hip hop songs either go for super 90s rap or uber contemporary hip hop, Crux manages to seemingly toe both lines at the same time. The result is an interesting mix of traditional sampling reminiscent of old school rap, and something that sounds straight out of a Tyler, The Creator album.

Shot in some of the most iconically urban locations in Malta - including Pembroke's very own BMX Warehouse - the video in itself is another debut of local talent. Mike Bonello Ghio (yes, that Mike) directed, filmed and edited the video in what was his very first experience at shooting a rap music video.

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Crux's music video marks CHEF's first move after having started his own record label, Good Guy Records. "There's a lot I'm about to bring to the island that no one here has ever heard," CHEF told Lovin Malta. "There are already projects to be launched from January through to March!"

Even though yesterday's music video was the first from CHEF's album, the young rapper already has more projects on the horizon.

"I'm already working on my second album as we speak," he finished. "And it should be dropping in early 2019!"

If you liked what you heard and you saw, stay tuned - CHEF is only getting started.

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