WATCH: Check Out This Super-Cute Maltese Home In A Home

Takes flat-pack living to a whole new level.

Who needs a bedroom when you can have your own house in your parents' living room?

Valentino Architects have created 'Oggi's Box_Room' – the ultimate bachelors' pad whose walls are contained within the four walls of a Sliema Townhouse. Inception much?

Home In A Home

The mini-home is made of timber and designed as a seemingly austere object that can be opened to reveal a softer, inviting interior. It's full of storage surprises and seems like it would be super easy to keep tidy. Add some wheels and it you won't even need to hire movers when you finally decide to move out. 

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Furniture and Soft Furnishings: Pippa Toledo Design Studio
Joinery Works: Ray Schembri Woodworks
Photography and Video: Alexandra Pace
Camera and Edit: Alexandra Pace + Matthew Calleja
Sound: Yasmin Kuymizakis
Model: Ella Fleri Soler

What room would you box up? Tag a friend who needs their own life-box.

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