13 Tips For Cutting Costs On Your Maltese Wedding

Break the mould without breaking the bank

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More and more Maltese couples are paying for their own weddings, and few of them are willing to fork out the tens of thousands of euro that a traditional Maltese wedding soaks up. The result – many of them are at a loss when it comes to how to keep the costs down on their special day. Forget hiring a wedding planner – it's unaffordable. Before long thinking about their wedding becomes more stressful than joyful. And that's not good.

So here's a few tips for anyone planning their wedding in Malta on how to keep your costs down. And, no, it won't be any less special or beautiful than you dreamed it would be. 

1. Set a budget and stick to it, no matter what the kunjata says

Conventionally – unless you're having a society wedding – you'll need to budget around €100 per guest. That will include food and drinks, and it will absorb all the other costs like decor, music, and so on.

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2. Your nanna's hairdresser doesn't need to be there

Yes, it's hard to draw a line when it comes to Maltese guest lists, but it really will make all the difference when sticking to your budget. Set yourself some criteria from beforehand, for example – if I haven't spoken to the person in more than three years, they're a no. 


3. Be creative with your venue, not having Villa Arrigo won't kill you

Malta is jam packed full of amazing architecture. Why not stray from the conventional palazzo or villa that, let's face it, all your friends have had their wedding at? Grab your other half and drive around the island to get some inspiration. 

4. Amazon is your friend – just make sure to order well in advance

You don't need your caterer's premium dining package with mirrored plates and frosted white roses. You can get something that's way more suited to your taste that's a fraction of the price. Just type in 'wedding centrepieces' on Pinterest and you're set.

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5. So is Asos...resist your nanna's plea for her to make everything

Asos have a vast wedding section with loads of bridesmaids dresses to choose from at different prices. They've also got a bunch of shoes, bags, headpieces – you might even find your perfect afterparty dress and save a tonne of money while you're at it.


6. Find the one florist on the island who you see eye to eye with

Okay, take all the suggestions you've been given from your mum, best friend, Doris at the grocer, and call every single one. Make it clear that you have X amount of money to work with with X amount of guests. Strike off anyone who's first sentence is: "daqxej diffiċli eh", and you'll have your florist in no time. 


7. Go for inexpensive but personal floral arrangements – call it Mediterranean chic

You don't need to spend a fortune on flowers to get an opulent look. Your florist will be able to help you substitute expensive flower species for very similar cheaper ones. Try ditching the conventional roses and hydrangeas – shrubbery and baby's breath are super cheap and also super romantic. 

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8. Remember – perlini are everything

Traditional and affordable AF. Do it. 

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9. Have fewer bridesmaids, give Sarah a reading instead

You'll save a lot of money (remember bridesmaids need dresses, shoes, flowers, hair and make-up, and traditionally a gift from the bride). You can still give important and special roles to your girl friends and even have the come over in the morning to get ready with you. Remember – you make the rules.

10. Have fewer groomsmen – none of them care anyway 

As long as the bachelor weekend is on point...

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11. Stay in Malta for your hens do and bachelor weekend

This has become a massive trend in Malta in recent years – but there's really no need for it. There are tonnes of amazing ways you could have a blast and stay on the islands. Because even if your friends pay for you, at some point you'll be spending money if there's a trip involved. 


12. Go paperless – and explain to nanna what that means in advance

No need to take out a loan for your invitations – create a website and e-vites and go paperless. It's good for the environment and with DIY website builders like squarespace and Wix you can make the most elegant, personal site ever. Plus people will be super impressed ("ara dawn kemm huma moderni marelli"... etc).

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13. Use Malta's penchant for gossip as a weapon

You're not going to write down on your invitations that you'd prefer money as a gift – your mum would kill you and you don't like the thought of it either. Just tell Zija Rita that money would be the best for you and word will spread like wildfire. 


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