25 Reasons Why You Need To Get Married In Malta

Don't even bother waiting for the ring – start planning now!

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A new year brings new beginnings, and we're pretty sure a lot of coupes have decided to seal the deal over the holidays with a marriage proposal. Well we have one thing to say to all those newly-weds-to-be: get ready.

Planning a wedding is hard. Stress levels sky rocket, bank accounts haemorrhage, and decisions on the most trivial of matters become the barometer by which you feel out the temperature of your relationship. 

Well, we're here to help you with one major decision – where to have the wedding. For all our foreign friends, or Maltese couples who are flirting with the idea of taking the celebration elsewhere, here's 25 sound reasons why Malta is where you need to get hitched.

1. Our Mediterranean light will guarantee stunning photos

2. Even in winter...

3. It's perfect for a hipster wedding

4. Or if it's decadence you're after...

5. Our churches were just made for amazing wedding photography

6. And let's face it, we're firework pros

7. We do posh so well

8. But we're also pretty chill

9. Everyone's always happy here

10. Seriously...

11. Retro weddings are all the rage

12. We even have more than one island to take amazing photos on

13. Move over Dothraki

14. We embrace all traditions

15. And if cute AF is what you're going for...

16. You can stop for a quick post-vow ice-cream, NBD

17. It's every Instagrammer's dream

18. Because – those colours tho

19. You'll feel like you're already on honeymoon

20. Because it doesn't get more Mediterranean than this

21. No really...

22. It's always all about the bride

23. Although guests are fabulous too

24. Just remember – all you need is love

25. And a good DJ

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