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Dos and Don’ts For Wedding Guests In Malta

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For anyone who’s attending a Maltese wedding for the first time, you’re going to want to take this as your Bible. There are also some people who have been to Maltese weddings, but should still read this carefully.

Here’s a list of thumb-ups and downs that’ll help you get wedding-guest ready in Malta.

1. Do – ask the couple what gift they want

Couples nowadays pay for their own weddings and very often would be super grateful for cash gifts. Don’t be embarrassed to come right out and ask them about it – they’ll be grateful for it. If you are uncomfortable, just ask a close friend of theirs. 

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2. Don’t – ask if you can bring a guest

People are pretty old school in Malta when it comes to etiquette. Meaning if you’re welcome to bring someone along, your invitation would say so. If it doesn’t – don’t ask. 

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3. Do – RSVP

People sometimes take this step in the wedding-guest process for granted. If you can’t attend, let the couple know. Aside from the money you’ll save them, it would really hurt for them to look for you and not find you on their special day.

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4. Don’t – dress for the wrong time

Okay, granted the rules for morning, afternoon and evening weddings have become somewhat lax over the years. But there’s still a general rule of thumb for what not to wear for each. Even though maxi dresses are super in right now, make sure they’re light coloured or floral patterned for a morning wedding. And do not wear a fascinator at night. Big no. 

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5. Do – bring a pair of flats

Or just wear a gorgeous pair of flat shoes in the first place. Maltese weddings are long, loud and full of dancing. Don’t miss out on the fun. 

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6. Don’t – dress completely in black

This might be an obvious one for the men, but a lot of women forget that dressing from head to two in black is kind of a no-go for a Maltese wedding guest. At least accessorise with a boldly-coloured shoe or multi-coloured cover-up. 

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7. Do – be playful with your outfit

Male wedding guests in Malta should really be playing into that Mediterranean chic vibe that’s theirs for the taking. Pocket squares, statement ties, anything that lets your character shine through is game. 

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8. Don’t – make inappropriate small talk

Things to avoid: asking other wedding guest couples when they’ll be walking the aisle. They might never walk it. Asking married couples when they’re having kids. They might never have kids. Asking single people what they’re waiting for to settle down. Probably for you to fuck off.

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9. Do – milk everything

It’s not everyday you get a free bar and a whole lot of awesome food. All a couple really wants out of their wedding day is for people to have the best night ever. So go for it. 

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Tag a foreign friend who’s coming over for a Maltese wedding – they’ll thank you for it!

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