WATCH: Crazy Fan Girls, Complicated Relationships, And Back Stage Drama... Luke Chappell Opens Up About Life On The X Factor

Stealing hearts and dropping hits

Straight off the X Factor Malta stage, Luke Chappell visited the Lovin Malta offices for a chat about life on the show and plans for the future. And yes, we asked him who he sang 'Hey There Delilah' to.

It's... complicated.

Luke interview

The 15-year-old has been writing original music for a while now, but has recently burst onto the scene after being a contestant on The X Factor Malta's first season. His audition brought judge Alexandra Alden to tears and his personality won over thousands of viewers as he progressed in the competition.

He's garnered such a fan base in fact, that he's become the latest crush amongst school girls all over the island. From the inside of lockers being plastered with his face, to people doodling his name on white boards; he's basically become Malta's Harry Styles.

Luke Locker

But it seems that a few hearts will have to break, as young Luke might be seeing someone.

Although, as he told everyone watching X Factor Malta couple of weeks ago, "it's complicated".

But we got the details on this complicated love affair. Apparently, he met up with a girl just to take the photos screened behind him as he sang 'Hey There Delilah'. She's a friend of a member of the production team and Luke had no idea who he was meeting, so it was basically like a blind date. And then, because true love is real, they hit it off straight away. But also, because true love is complicated, they haven't been able to flesh out their relationships because they're both "so busy".

Luke also spoke to us about his plans for the future

He was eliminated in the semi finals, but he has big plans for his career. Luke is currently working on his debut album, 'Cosmic Heaven', that will include some killer collabs including 215Collective. And in an alternative reality, indie teen queen Billie Eilish. One can only dream. There's no release date for Cosmic Heaven yet, but in the mean time you can stalk him over on Instagram, and get your fix of his original songs on YouTube.

We can't wait to see more of Luke in the future!

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