WATCH: Fabrizio And Claudia Faniello's Mother Blows Everyone Away With Her 'Nessun Dorma' Rendition, Flies Through X Factor Challenge

56-year-old Anna's performance brought her fellow contestants - and seasoned Eurovision singer-children - to tears

Everyone's favourite celeb mama has done it again. Anna Faniello first made waves online with her initial X Factor Malta audition, charming everyone with her bubbly personality and impressing them with her powerful voice.

And now, she's gone and one-upped her own audition during last night's crucial Six Chair Challenge.


The crowd was audibly very excited for Anna to get on stage, and although by the time she sang all six chairs had been filled, there was no doubt that she would be offered a seat. The moment the unmistakable first note of Nessun Dorma escaped her mouth, the audience was going mad.

What made the performance even more special was the presence of her celebrity children in the audience, who were clearly very emotional watching their 56-year-old mother as she serenaded the crowd.

Anna Kids

Before she even reached the end of her song, everyone was on their feet. From her competitors, to the audience, to the judges, the who auditorium was riding on Anna's emotional high.

There was no doubt in anyone's mind that she would be offered a seat, as the judges praised her to no end. Howard even offered her his whole salott if Ray didn't give her a chair... although we are quite surprised that he hasn't used the word antikwata to describe her explicit use of Italian yet.

Audience Anna Faniello

In the end, Ray swapped Kim Cortis out for Anna, explaining that he made that choice because he was certain Kim would return to the competition next year. He even made her promise she would, so we're going to hold her to that!

Kim Cortis

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