WATCH: Fabrizio And Claudia Faniello's Mother Slays Her X Factor Malta Audition

It was the perfect mix of charm, talent and emotion

The Faniello family is no stranger to Maltese television, with siblings Claudia and Fabrizio having both represented Malta in the Eurovision Song Contest in previous years. But now, it's time for the spotlight to shine on a different family member: their mother.

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Anna Faniello moved X Factor judges Ira Losco and Alex Alden to tears with her powerful rendition of Mia Martini's 'Gli Uomini Non Cambiano'. What made her performance even more impressive was the shift in her demeanour as soon as she started singing.

Anna's bubbly and comical character enticed audiences during her pre-audition interview, but as soon as she started singing her passion shone through. It was clear that the song carried a lot of meaning to her, foreshadowed by her comments on raising her kids as a single mother, and the struggle of not only putting them through school alone, but also doing all she could to help them refine their craft. It is certainly clear where they got their talent from.

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Unsurprisingly, Anna was given four 'yeses' and will be moving on to bootcamp. We can't wait to see what is in store for her as the show progresses!

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