WATCH: Franklin Calleja's X Factor Malta Dreams Were Crushed And Viewers Had Some Things To Say

Not to state the obvious, but... people were mad

In what can only be described as the epitome of dramatic reality TV, last night's X Factor Malta episode made some people a bit angry. Following a dramatic sing-off between Franklin Calleja and Xtreme, Franklin was sent home.

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The format of the live shows is following the format of the X Factor UK semi-finals, where we see two acts eliminated every episode, based on the outcome of audience voting. The first act eliminated automatically was Kayati, after receiving the lowest amount of votes. After that, the next two acts with the lowest votes competed in a sing-off, with the judges having final say.

Franklin covered Emeli Sande's 'Clown', and Xtreme covered Jess Gylne's 'Take Me Home'. And let's be honest, Franklin might have screwed up in his initial performance last night, but his sing-off performance was possibly the best he's ever sounded on the show. And he's had some pretty powerful performances, TBH.

But, despite his powerful performance, the judges voted to keep Xtreme and send Franklin home. The final decision really came down to Howard, had he chosen to save Xtreme the judges would have ended up in a deadlock vote and they would have resorted to checking the public votes.

Obviously, because this is Malta, people had things to say.

Most people were pretty mad


But others were glad to keep new faces in the game


Some people don't seem to know how the show works


And this guy confused the conversation for one about the political climate...


But more dedicated viewers jumped in to set things straight


Franklin responded to the news with a Facebook status

He said he was having problems with his 'in-ear monitors' that threw him off, but as he rightly said "the show must go on!"

What do you think of this week's episode?

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