We Have Our Finalists! Here's A Complete List Of Everyone Going Through The X Factor Malta Live Shows

There were tears, and not just from Ira

Judges Houses Cover 2

What do Joseph Calleja and Catlo Borg Bonaci have in common? The X Factor.

Following last night's X Factor Malta episode, we finally have a full list of the acts who will be taking part in the live shows in 2019, as Carlo Borg Bonaci and Joseph Calleja helped Alex Alden and Ira Losco make some very difficult decisions.

Joseph and ira

Here are the acts who made it past this week's Judge's Houses:

1. Xtreme

2. 4th Line

3. Kayati

4. Luke Chappell

5. Owen Leuellen

6. Norbert Bondin

Who is your favourite act?

These guys will be joining Michela Pace, Nicole Frendo, Kelsey Bellante, Ben Purplle, Petra, and Franklin Calleja. We can't wait!

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