X Factor Malta: Judges Get Harsh On Contestants As 'Boring Performances' Or 'Poor Taste' Sends People Home

Rumours are circulating that nearly no one was chosen for the first day

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Bland contestants need not apply as the X Factor Malta's judges get a lot harsher than people expected during the five days of auditions.

Taking to Facebook to share his real and raw experience as a mentor, producer and judge Howard Keith Debono has said that "poor taste in music" is one of the biggest challenges they have faced. He also hopes that future contestants, as well as those chosen, will take their advice and end up on a "better musical path or attitude".

In a now-edited post, Debono reiterated how long the days of filming were, and while excited to see young talent flourish, he explained that the job "is tiring... especially when then song choices are boring". Looks like there's been some difficulty finding a bright star during days one through three.

Echoing his sentiments, with a little bit more of a sugar coating, Ira Losco said: "we've seen some potential, but obviously as judges we're constantly hoping to find people who have something to offer the world of music".

Hopefully, the harsh critique will really push the best of the best to come through and deliver stunning performances on stage.

These statements by the judges seem to almost confirm rumours circulating WhatsApp and Messenger threads as fans of the show which airs in October discuss how they've heard that for the first couple of days nearly no contestant got through to the next round.

And if the gracious, bow-out Facebook posts by contestants getting four 'no's is anything to go by (because yes, this is really happening), we're in for a drama-filled first few episodes when the show debuts.

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