14 Reasons Why You Need To Visit Zabbar This Weekend

Added bonus: there's one of the last festi this summer!


While Zabbar can't really boast of seaside views and stunning beaches, it remains a quintessential Maltese town for many reasons. 

And although it's far from the tourist trail, it has plenty of surprises to offer to unsuspecting visitors. 

Here's some of them. 

1. It's rich in history

Having been granted city status by Grandmaster Ferdinand von Hompesch -- in whose honour the triumphal arch that frames Zabbar's entrance was built -- Zabbar is quite literally crawling with history. 

2. And by history, we mean churches

Lots of them. Though pride of place goes to Marija tal-Grazzja, of course.

3. It's also home to Malta's first female president

Born in Zabbar, Agatha Barbara (1923-2002) was commemorated with a monument in the village square in 2006. Zabbar is home to many of Malta's great minds, among them the writers and poets Daniel Massa, Achille Mizzi, Alfred Palma and George Peresso.

4. And it's got some surprises up its sleeve

Sudika Zabbar Sanctuary Museum

Among its many cool artifacts -- like memorable ex voto paintings and works by Mattia Preti -- the Zabbar Sanctuary Museum boasts the remains of a fallen RAF plane: the Vulcan, which exploded near the surrounding area in 1975. 

5. Of course, village pride is strong with this one

Mock the lackluster production value all you want -- this is adorable. And in case there was any doubt about all this... 

6. But with a feast like that, who can blame them?

Note: Tal-Grazzja, which takes place on the first Sunday after September 8, is the island's final feast of the summer.

7. There's a few oddities out on the streets, too

8. And the streets themselves are worth savouring

9. But it also makes for great sunset walks

10. And it has its own Auto Fest

11. Everyone loves Zeffies

Zabbar may not be the go-to place for fine dining, but Zeffie's does its bit to keep the patrons happy. 

12. In short, it's the quintessential southern city

13. And while it's not going anywhere...

14. It certainly looks forward to your visit

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