14 Reasons You Need To Head To Isla Right Now

That's Senglea, for those who were thinking "which one is that again?".


For those who've added us on Snapchat, you may already know that we've fallen in love with Isla. It's the smallest of the Three Cities, but it sure does have a lot to offer! In fact it's been marked as one of the five European Destinations of Excellence in Malta. Here are just a few things to do here that will make your trip extra special:

1. Take a walk through the quaint little streets and stairs

and stop to appreciate the picturesque views in between the streets

2. Relax at the Ġnien il-Gardjola 

3. Chuckle at the original house names

4. Bask in the stunning view from the gardjola

This is probably the moment you'll start to make plans to have this spot as your wedding venue

5. Walk up this epic stairway, and feel like you're travelling back in time 

6. Sit down and just watch the boats leave the harbour. 

Pretty damn therapeutic.

7. Play a quick match of football in this insane location

8. Of course you can't miss out on the Regatta

Twice a year, Isla is transformed with huge flags displayed over the bastions during their popular Regattas.

Head to Isla on the 8th of September and you'll see the Regatta and the festa. Races, fireworks and doughnuts? What more do you want?

9. And you have to take advantage of this secluded BBQ spot, right in the middle of the harbour

So much better than crowded Għadira.

10. Visit 'Our Lady of Victories Parish Church'

This church is particularly famous for the statue of Christ the Redeemer (Ir-Redentur tal-Isla), which is considered to be miraculous. 

11. Before getting a ferry to Valletta and enjoying a different view of Isla 

12. If the ferry doesn't do it for you, try a more traditional boat ride

13. Keep an eye out for those ice-cream trucks!

14. And spend some time with the people who live there - no one knows the city like they do!

And they seem to know the secret to enjoying life to the fullest. 

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Bonus: The view of Isla from afar is also pretty spectacular

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