17 Photos That Prove Comino Is Basically Paradise

Crazy to think that we live so close to such a perfect place!


Comino has been featured prominently in the news lately, and unfortunately for all the wrong reasons. Thankfully, we're finally seeing some effort in conserving the island's natural beauty - and if you didn't think it was worth saving before, maybe these images will help change your mind. 

Here's 17 photos that prove we live next door to heaven, that don't include the cliche shot of the blue lagoon... you know the one.

1. The view of Comino from above

2. The incredible rock formations

3. The secret underwater caves

4. The (easier to reach) above-water caves

5. The scenic routes just waiting to be travelled

6. It-Torri ta' Santa Marija

7. The lonely islands needing some love

8. The tiny friends all over the island

9. The view of its big sister

10. The haunting beauty of these abandoned buildings

11. The sunrise

12. And the sunset

13. The definition of paradise 

14. The delicious treats

15. The overlapping views

16. The secrets waiting to be discovered 

17. The imposing cliffs

Bonus: And of course, we couldn't not mention the iconic Blue Lagoon

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Chucky Bartolo

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