Charming Watercolour Paintings Capture The Spirit Of Malta

Liam O'Farrell's art brings out the beauty of Maltese towns

Liam Ofarrell Kiosk

Through a series of captivating watercolour paintings, British artist Liam O'Farrell caught brief snapshots into everyday life in Malta, highlighting the effortless beauty of our island.

While on holiday, Liam travelled all around the island, painting scenes from Valletta, Mdina and Marsaskala. 

The artist (who heard about our "marvellous weather and clear blue waters" from his father, a member of the Royal Navy) was impressed by the gorgeous seascapes surrounding Valletta calling them "the finest city views in the whole Mediterranean".

Check out some of his gorgeous paintings below, and head on over to his blog to find our more about his trip to Malta.

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Chucky Bartolo

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