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Malta Will Not Have A Real Film Industry Unless Drastic Steps Are Taken, Producers And Directors Union Say

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The Malta Entertainment Industry and Arts Association (MEIA) and the Malta Producers Association (MPA) are standing by the decision of filmmakers who opted to not submit their productions for the Malta Film Awards.

Many major filmmakers have recently confirmed that they will not be submitting their film nominations, or have voluntarily withdrawn their submissions from the awards.

“The associations confirm that the story as reported in the media is a reality, highlighting that a significant group of prominent Maltese filmmakers has repeatedly expressed the need for solid action,” the associations said in a joint statement.

This comes after many members of the industry were outraged to see the €400,000 in funds being allocated towards the Malta Film Awards, especially when compared to the funding that filmmakers receive for projects.

“Malta will not have a real film industry if drastic steps aren’t taken,” they said. 

The associations said that the breaking point has now been reached.

The Malta Film Commission told unions that they were in agreement with four of the five requests brought forward by the MEIA and the MPA, and the associations said that a step in the right direction is always welcomed. 

The 4 points which are now in agreement with the Malta Film Commission include, additional budget for Maltese filmmakers to produce films, the re-introduction of the co-production funds, removal of the De Minimis rules, and the removal of the recoupment clause from Screen Malta.

However, most filmmakers still feel that their priorities are being overlooked, and have now missed their deadline to participate in the awards.

They criticised the imbalance that exists, saying: “Such an imbalance was and still is insulting to filmmakers, artists, and crew who work tirelessly to produce creative work for Maltese and international screens”.

Do you think Malta’s filmmakers are supported enough?

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