Maltese Teacher's Adorable Gesture To All Nervous First-Year-Of-School Parents

Ms Kathleen proves there's nothing quite like a good teacher!


Waving your kids off to school for the first time can be difficult for most parents - what if they don't make friends? Will they eat enough? What if they fall down and hurt? There's so many questions that race through every parent's mind.

One Maltese teacher, Ms Kathleen, understands the worry that every guardian has on the first day, and so she gave each family a special surprise to help ease them into their new phase in life.


The first thing was a cotton ball, to remind parents of their child's gentle nature.

The second was a tissue, for the inevitable tears they would cry.

The their was a tea bag, cause really and truly there's not much a nice cuppa can't fix.

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We're sure the parents appreciated the gesture, and are now happier than ever to have their kids in Ms Kathleen's class!

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