WATCH: 6 Maltese Movers And Shakers Discuss The Joy Of Being

University of Malta's TEDx talks get deep.

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TEDx videos are all about ideas worth spreading. Last May, six Maltese people from various sectors got together to talk about their experiences, challenges, motivations and struggles. Organised at the University of Malta, here are some interesting points about the joy of being.

Antoine Zammit: The Joy of Places for Liveable Cities 

Lelio Spiteri: The Joys of Being in a Happy School 

David Zammit: The Toughest 32 Days of My Life 

Mikela Fenech Pace: The 'Like' Generation 

Luke Azzopardi: The Joys of Not Being Enough 

Julian Bajada: The Joys of Being Grateful 

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