WATCH: Videos Of Maltese Statues Falling Over

You know you shouldn't be laughing, but that won't stop you.

Falling Statues

No joke is funnier than one you're not supposed to be laughing at - a scientific fact you found out when your classmate would whisper jokes to you during a very serious lesson. 

Festa statues falling down easily qualifies as 'shouldn't be funny, but kinda is'. So here's a few of the best moments, caught on tape.

1. A visual description of what a hangover feels like (0:09)

Don't worry y'all! St George got his head restored... eventually. Anyone else catch the nun racing forward to try and (single-handedly) stop the statue's fall at 0:13?

2. Jesus has chosen this balcony in particular (0:06)

Is the chosen house blessed, or is it cursed? We may never find out, but the knock serves as a good distraction from the people who fell over from the force of the drop.

3. It's never a bad time to practice your limbo (0:36)

You can see San Gejtanu's epic dip (and the amazing save by his followers) at 0:36.

BONUS: A whole new level of blackout drunk (1:20)

Nothing kills a party like not being able to see where you left your beer can. If you have two minutes to spare, just watch the whole thing, which covers the videos listed above, and makes them even funnier by overlaying the classic "MADONNA MADONNA NO!"

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