Activists Have Witty Response To Government’s Maltese Passport Scheme Survey

Activist group Il-Kenniesa launches its own version of sale-of-passports survey

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Activist group Il-Kenniesa has launched its own online survey to gauge the public mood on the cash-for-citizenship scheme, as a counter-response to the one launched by Identity Malta last week

Unlike the government’s survey, which asks the public for advice on how to improve the Individual Investor Partnership (IIP), the Il-Kenniesa survey asks people what they think about the scheme in general. Questions are related to the security and transparency of the IIP scheme, the integrity of passport-buyers, the scheme’s impact on Malta’s property market, and finally whether the scheme should be extended or scrapped.

“The government is not really interested in what the people think, the questions are aimed at seeking approval from the public for the government to extend the passport scheme,” Il-Kenniesa said. “But since they asked for our opinion, we'll give it to them.”

The pressure group has pledged to publish the results anonymously at a future date.

Should Malta's cash-for-citizenship scheme be extended? 

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