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After Rise In Self-Harm At Detention Centres, Nurses’ Union Orders Mount Carmel Staff To Reject Irregular Migrants

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Malta’s nurses union has ordered its members at Mount Carmel to refuse admission to irregular migrants residing at detention centres, warning they’re self-harming as a ticket out of detention.

Describing the situation as “flagrant abuse”, the MUMN warned irregular migrants are harassing staff and patients at Mount Carmel’s mixed admission wards and taking up much-needed beds.

Meanwhile, their detention officers have been stationed outside their wards to avoid overcrowding in light of COVID-19 regulations, a lack of supervision which the union said is freeing up migrants to cause havoc.

This is compounded by a shortage of nurses. 

“Therefore, MUMN is left with no choice but to issue directives for nurses in all wards at Mt. Carmel Hospital to refuse any admissions of illegal immigrants that are abusing the system, holding up priceless beds to the detriment of the staff and other patients,” the union said.

“MUMN cannot remain idle in front of this flagrant abuse, waiting for a disaster to happen which could result of loss of lives of nurses or other patients. Such directive is with immediate effect.”

What do you make of this?

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