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‘Aren’t You A Man?’: Maltese Woman Turned Away From Gynaecology Department By Security Guard

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A Maltese woman was turned away from Mater Dei’s gynaecology department by a security guard who mocked her in sheer disbelief that she could be female.

“Aren’t you a man?” the female security guard told Gabriella Cassar Meli, who was looking for the gynaecology department.

Gabriella explained to Lovin Malta that she had no problem with the security guard making the initial error. However, rather than correct her error, the security doubled down on her attack, telling Gabriella:

“Give me a chance so I can laugh a bit.”

In a social media post, Garbiella wrote:

“I am angry and disgusted. It continues to confirm just how much we have to educate people, not only on LGBTIQ+ rights but on basic respect.”

“It’s as if a woman cannot have short hair or wear what she wants. It is not enough to pass laws when such people are working within government entities, especially one as important as a hospital.”

“Waving a rainbow flag at political activities means nothing,” she said.

Illum kelli appuntament gynea l-isptar. Kif dhalt laqghetni security biex tara fejn irrid immur. Kif rat gynae qaltli ‘…

Posted by Gabriella Cassar Meli on Thursday, 12 November 2020

Gabriella made it clear that this was in no way an attack on the many good people who work within Malta’s healthcare facilities.

Malta’s Parliamentary Secretary for Equality and Reforms Rosianne Cutajar has already weighed in on the issue, writing on social media:

“Gabriella’s bitter experience is clear proof that even though we have made great strides as a country, we still have a lot to do to educate everyone.”

Malta’s Health Ministry is looking into the issue and will provide a comment on the incident in due time.

L-esperjenza qarsa li kellha Gabriella hija prova cara ta’ kif minkejja li bhala pajjiz ghamilna avvanzi kbar, ghad…

Posted by Rosianne Cutajar on Thursday, 12 November 2020

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