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Boat Tour Carrying 80 People Stopped And Escorted Back To Malta With Fines Being Issued

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A boat tour carrying 80-odd people was stopped and brought back to shore earlier today, TVM has reported.

The boat, which set off from Buġibba wharf, is reported to have been hosting 80 people on board when a Transport Malta dinghy intercepted it and brought it back to shore.

According to TVM, most people on board were foreigners and fines were issued for breaking social distancing measures.

Images of the boat departing earlier today sparked outrage online with many calling out the double standards that led to restaurants being closed but tour operations open.

One such figure was renowned chef Marvin Schembri who said what the boat tour company was doing was “shameful”.

“Feeling sad and disappointed. All restaurants are closed and suffering big losses. All of us need to make a sacrifice. This morning right now people are going for a ride on seabird. Shame on you,” he said.

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