Daniel Holmes On Flight Back Home To Wales After 8 Years In Maltese Prison

He was sentenced to a decade behind bars back in 2006

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Daniel Holmes, the Welshman sentenced to a decade in Maltese prison for growing five mature cannabis plants, is currently on his way back home.

Back in 2006, Holmes received a controversially-harsh punishment of 10 years behind bars and a €23,000 fine after police said he was trying to traffic the plants despite his insistence that it was for personal use. Holmes has become the poster child for injustice in Maltese courts ever since.

Since his sentencing, Malta has greatly lessened the punishments surrounding cannabis, with the most recent step being the legalisation of cannabis for medical use.

Now, eight years later, Daniel Holmes is finally set to to reunite with his wife Marzena and his two daughters, and Lovin Malta is on the journey home with him.

Back in December, Holmes wasn't sure about his future after being released, speculating that they might deport him as soon as his sentence was up.

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