Emma Muscat Through To Next Amici Round Despite Housemates Ganging Up On Her

The exchange got very heated

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Maltese singer Emma Muscat has made it through to the next round of Italian talent show Amici despite other housemate's insistence she's not good enough to be there.

Following her performance, Maria De Filippi asked Emma about her friendship with two boys, Luca and Biondo, and about the drama in the house. Cutting to a clip of the previous weeks activities, we got a clearer idea of why she may not be getting along with the rest.

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Looking over Emma's shoulder to read her journal, Biondo notices she's written something about 'the girls' in her class. The clip then cuts to the group watching Emma rehearse. One girl, seemingly unimpressed with what she was hearing, cuts in and turns to gossip with the rest of her friends. 

"She's not talented you guys, she's just pretty."

The boys instantly jumped to her defence, saying it's not a fair judgement call, but the girls kept insisting she's just pretty. The clip then cuts to another scene as two of the girls are lying on top of each other, continuing their bitching.

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Photo: One of the girls picking on Emma

"I'm honestly not afraid of her. Nothing she does scares me."

This compilation continues for a few more minutes, in which the gossips even claim she only ever forgets Italian conveniently, but can speak it when she needs to. 

At the end of the feature Emma puts on a brave face, and speaks honestly about how she feels, complimenting everyone in the competition for the work they did to get there.

"I don't know why you guys had to pick on [me]. We're friends but we're all in a competition. Everyone has talent in this school. I don't know what else to say except well done to everybody."

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