Għaxaq Family Killer's Sister Invented Incestuous Claims After He Denied Her A Favour, Aunt Testifies

Aunt says murdered sister's previous sex life indicated she wasn't being honest about alleged incestuous abuse


The disturbing case regarding Joseph Bonnici, the man charged with murdering his mother and sister in their Għaxaq home took a fresh twist in court today.

One of Bonnici’s aunts testified that the suspect’s late sister Angele Bonnici had told her in 2017 that her brother had sexually abused him. The accusation was made during a period when the Bonnici siblings had fallen out with each other after Joseph denied Angele some sort of favour.

The aunt said she didn’t believe Angele because “her previous sex life indicated otherwise”.

“I would have believed it had it been the other way around,” she said.

She added that Angele had gushing praise for Joseph when she spoke to her back in 2014 and said she hadn't mentioned any sexual abuse.

At the aunt’s request, the remainder of her testimony was concluded behind closed doors due to the sensitivity of the information.

Joseph Bonnici was last month charged with the double homicide of his mother Marija Lourdes and his sister Angele, shooting them in the head and finishing them off with a mallet. He is pleading not guilty to the charges.

The florist had confirmed during a police interrogation that he had killed his mother and sister and indeed led officers to a field near Gudja where he had hidden their bodies.


The house in Ħal Għaxaq where the Bonnicis used to live

Two other aunts vouched for Joseph Bonnici’s character during today’s sitting.

“He is a quiet boy, loved by all of us, and none of us ever had any reason to suspect him,” one of them said.

A third aunt recounted how the suspect had accompanied her to the family home shortly after the murder. She confirmed that her brother (Joseph Bonnici’s father) had called her from prison, where he is serving a sentence for homicide, to ask her to check on his relatives after they failed to turn up to visit him at Corradino. As Joseph was opening the door, he told his aunt that he loved his mother but broke off mid-sentence.

“Joseph is a very good, quiet and hardworking boy and would always greet me on his way past my home,” she said.

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