Maltese Man Admitted To Horrific Murder Of His Mother And Sister During Police Interrogation

Joseph Bonnici took police to the field in Gudja where the bodies of his mother and sister were partially buried


Joseph Bonnici admitted to the double homicide of his mother Maria Lourdes Bonnici and his sister Angele Bonnici and took police to the field he had partially buried them, an inspector confirmed today.

Bonnici, 39, was charged this evening with the double murder of his mother and sister, as well as a range of other charges, such as being in possession of an unlicensed weapon, hiding the corpses and filing a false police report. He pleaded not guilty to the charges.

Inspector John Spiteri testified today about how police had interrogated Bonnici in connection with the whereabouts of his mother and sister, who were reported missing last Wednesday. Spiteri said Bonnici caved in after police inspectors realised he was giving conflicting answers to their questions and eventually led them to a field near Gudja where the bodies were located.

Police believe Bonnici shot his mother and sister at their home in Għaxaq before carting them off to the field, but his motive remains unknown.

Franco Debono is representing Bonnici, while magistrate Rachel Montebello is presiding over the case.

Cover photo: Left: Maria Lourdes Bonnici, Centre: Joseph Bonnici, Right: Angele Bonnici

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