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‘Kemm Qegħdin Sew:’ Malta Reacts To Girls Being Banned From Wearing Earrings To School

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Parents, educators, students, and general citizens of Malta have reacted strongly to the sudden ban on female students wearing any earrings or piercings in schools.

The ban, which was announced by the Education Ministry yesterday, comes after a mother pointed out the discriminatory policy of allowing girls to wear earrings, and not boys… even though, technically, under Maltese regulations, neither girls nor boys should have been allowed to wear anything.

However, now that piercings have been banned across the board, Maltese people wanted to have their say.

There were those who disagreed with the ban.

“So we are sending our children to school to educate them and prepare them for their eventual jobs,” began one Maltese woman. “Dear Minister, we are living in a country that both males and females go to the office wearing earrings, visible tattoos, any kind of hair, in shorts and flip flops. Back then it wasn’t custom for people to go to work like this, but today it’s the norm.”

And those that agreed with it.

“Great move. Maybe now, pupils will try to outdo each other with their intelligence, rather than their bling,” said one person.

“I can’t believe some of these comments are actually from parents,” said another person. “Can’t you understand that abiding by school rules (whether you agree with them or not) is crucial to disciplining your children? No wonder we are such an unruly society of “kulħadd jgħamel li jrid” in this country.”

And one person even wondered if a ban on skirts was coming next.

“The reason being that probably the people at the Department of Education would not like to allow boys to wear earrings. So what to do, in these days of equality? Easy….ban earrings also for girls. Next step will be a ban on skirts,” said one person.

“And as from tomorrow girls are allowed to start peeing standing up too…for the sake of equality mhux hekk?” asked another person. 

There were those that wondered what Malta’s priorities had become.

“The Minister’s priority list has undoubtedly faltered,” said one Maltese person. “Is this what you are wasting your resources and spit on Mr Minister? Isn’t the sorry state of the toilets in schools and all that mould in the Santa Venera classroom (to mention a few) more likely to put our kids’ safety in jeopardy?”

At points, the sarcasm was dripping hard.

“Very clever minister keep up your work you will forever be remembered for your remarkable decision in order to improve the education sector! Bleh,” said one Maltese person. 

“That was the policy in our school yet we wore them anyway because ridiculous dress codes that are irrelevant to education itself will only make students more rebellious. make school a place where students actually enjoy attending please,” said another.

All in all, many were left wondering how this decision came about so fast, and what would happen if a student shows up with an earring from today onwards.

“I’d like to see this really working,” said one person. “What happens if a student does indeed turn up with earrings? Will there be any consequences? And what about those who have just had ear piercings done and are in no way able to remove them immediately? What about the rebels who would still turn up with piercings no matter what? It’s funny how this ban from the Ministry came about shortly after a mother placed a complaint.”

Do you think earrings should be banned for students in Malta?

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