Konrad Mizzi, 41, Says He Remembers Air Malta’s First Flights 44 Years Ago

Tourism Minister somehow manages to get his own age confused...

Konradmizzi Bizzilla

It has been said that politics makes you age faster, but Tourism Minister Konrad Mizzi has taken it a step further, literally adding extra years to his life in an interview with Air Malta.

The interview, which was published by Air Malta’s free in-flight magazine Il-Bizzilla, quotes Mizzi as saying he remembers the national airline’s first flights in 1974 with scheduled services to London, Manchester, Birmingham, Rome, Frankfurt, Paris and Tripoli.

The problem is that Mizzi was actually born three years later, in November 1977!

The bizarre age discrepancy was flagged by PN MEP candidate Peter Agius, who said it shows Mizzi is a pathological liar.

“My parents taught me that people who lie about small things will be ready to lie about larger things,” he said. “Could the minister be lying about other things?”

Others were less coy.

“If Konrad Mizzi is able to lie about his own age, what do you think he did when caught red-handed raking in €5,000-A-DAY along with the Prime Minister’s Chief of Staff from the owner of the new power station?” PN MP and former leader Simon Busuttil tweeted. “That’s right, he lied too.”

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