2017 Could Be Ira Losco's Biggest Year Yet

The hype is real

Ira Losco

A simple social media post by superstar sweetheart Ira Losco has sent fans into a headspin this morning, after the singer announced approximately 500 projects for the upcoming year.

"2017 marks an important year for my music"


Losco starts by explaining  that currently she cannot reveal too much. But from her 75-word teaser about what's to come since her brief hiatus after the birth of her baby, Harry, we've managed to garner the following information.

1. She's about to drop a new single

And, knowing Ira, there's no telling what genre it's going to be! Add that to the level of excitement.


Exhibit A: Ira's Rock Era

2. She'll be performing at the Malta Eurovision Song Contest

While it's standard practice for the outgoing winner to perform on stage a year after their success, it's still exciting to know Ira will be ending her half-year hiatus to take to the Eurovision stage once more.

Ira Stage

3. She's up to something with Malta's Philharmonic Orchestra

And the more secretive she is about the whole thing, the more curious we are.

4. We'll have a new album by the end of the year

This will be her fifth studio album, and as her talent and voice have matured, the potential for this to be her biggest one yet is very real. A new mom and a reinvigorated passion for music - smells like a success story waiting to happen.

Ira Vido

It's all a little bit too much.

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