A Police Guard Was Posted Near The Daphne Memorial During Labour's First Of May Rally

This came after numerous attempts to take the memorial down


A police guard was placed near the memorial dedicated to slain journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia during the Labour party's Worker's Day rally in Valletta yesterday. 

The guard was spotted patrolling the area near the assembled pictures, flowers and messages of support to Ms Caruana Galizia while over 20,000 people took part in the mass meeting in Triton Square. 

However, the memorial did not sustain any damage throughout the day, with no incidents reported to have happened all day.

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The memorial has become a political flashpoint for many Maltese

Repeated attempts to remove the memorial during the dead of night were met with its constant re-erection, and there's even video of an older woman attempting to vandalise it. 

A Scottish artist brought over to launch a Valletta 2018 art installation paid respects to the memorial during the launch, much to the chagrin of Valletta 2018 chairman Jason Micallef in the same week as a controversial building site appeared near the memorial. 

What do you make of yesterday's decision to have a police guard on site? 

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