After 'Police Ridicule' And 'Traumatic' Weekend, One St. Julian's Road Finally Finds Peace

'This country is driving everyone to insanity'

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A "traumatic" weekend has come to end for one construction-afflicted St. Julian's road after a massive metal sheet that was temporarily being used as part of the road has been removed.

The sheet had been placed on the road over the weekend - however, a loud noise would be emitted every time a vehicle passed over the sheet, causing a severe inconvenience to residents, or, as one resident described it, "a horrible tremendous suicidal noise".

"We live in Birkirkara Road in St. Julian's, an area where the construction work is not only never-ending, but over the weekend workers left a mess on the roads that made a horrible tremendous suicidal noise every time a car passed through leaving a metal plate in the middle of the road," said Sarah*.

"My entire house shook, including my pets and my mind, and I had palpitations all damn night," she said.

She explained how she called the police six times and got nowhere

"I called the police on Saturday - I literally put my phone on the street so the officer could hear it, and he told me 'yes yes yes issa naraw'" she said.

That was the first call.

"I called again half an hour later, no answer. The third fourth and fifth calls, he left me on hold, and I said 'what's happening here?'"

"On the sixth call, I heard him say "illalla reggħet din (oh my god it's her again)" and he hung up on me, so I called the police depot to make a complaint against the St. Julian's police station, and she almost also laughed it off as well... and nobody came that night," she said.

After a sleepless night, she called the St Julian's police station again

"In the morning I had a nervous breakdown - just like everyone else on the street I am sure. I called the depot again in the morning, crying my eyes out that I can't cope anymore, I literally can't. A few minutes after the phone call, a van pulled up out here, and they removed the metal sheet," she recounted.

In desperation during the night, she had herself attempted to move the sheet with a friend, but found it much too heavy.

"It only took them a few seconds," she continued. "It took four to five men to move it - iva marelli madonna you had to cause us so much trouble all night, all bloody night, apart from every day in the week, from 6am to 8pm... you have to see what it's like here, but we have to shut our mouths," she said.

"Even on a Sunday - just leave us be for one night a week. This country is driving everyone to insanity."

"This is never ending hell for us, our mental health is going down the damn drain"

Though the sheet has been removed, and a temporary peace has returned to her street, Sarah has no illusions about the future for her street in St. Julian's.

"Did I really have to beg all evening all night, to be ridiculed call after call by policemen? Did we have to go through a traumatic weekend for this to be resolved? Consider this noise was amplified by 100 due to close walls close buildings, and cars passing here every few seconds, even at night," she said.

"This is never-ending hell for us, and our mental health is just going down the damn drain."

*Fake names have been used

Have you had any similar experiences?

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