WATCH: After Six Months Shipwrecked In Qawra, The Hephaestus Has Finally Been Removed

The operation to get the ship back to sea was underway earlier this morning

Photos: Adrian Jones

After becoming stranded on the rocky shoreline near Ta' Fra Ben in Qawra during a violent storm last February, the shipwrecked Hephaestus has finally been removed from the shore.

The ship was seen being towed along by a number of vessels out to sea. The company responsible for the removal, Cassar Ship Repair, used specialised equipment to remove the grounded vessel over the last six months, ensuring the interior of the vessel was secure and all breaches in the hull had been closed off.

The vessel was lifted from the rocks and eventually lowered back into the water. It will now be taken to CSR's ship repair facility in Marsa.

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The 60-metre Togo-registered Hephaestus became lodged on the Eastern coast of Malta after a freak storm on February 10th, poetically mirroring St. Paul's Shipwreck

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The six month operation neared its final phase today as the shipwreck was towed away for repairs

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