Engine Ripped Out Of Car And Two Qormi Teens Hospitalised After High Impact Car Crash In Paola

The police could not confirm whether the two teens had been racing on MCAST hill

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Two teens have been remanded in hospital after being involved in a high-speed car crash involving two vehicles in Paola last night that flung one car's engine clean out of the hood, TVM reported.

The Malta police force confirmed that one teen was suffering from grievous injuries while the other was suffering from light injuries after the car crash last night at around 9:40pm.

The collision occurred in Triq Duminku Mintoff near MCAST.

According to investigations - which police confirmed to be ongoing - two cars were driving in the same direction at similar speeds when, for some reason, one of the vehicles, a Peugeot 106, hit a car and careened into the other car, a Toyota, causing it to fly over the central strip before crashing itself.

The Peugeot was driven by a 19-year-old Maltese youth, while the Toyota was driven by an 18-year-old, both from Qormi.

An engine from one of the cars was left on the street after it was blown out of the car from the pressure of the impact. The police were unable to confirm whether the youths had been racing or what led to the severe car crash.

The Civil Protection Department was called in to extract some people who were left trapped in their cars. Ambulances were also called onto the scene to assist the injured.

Three people were initially taken to hospital, however one of the youths was let go soon after being certified in good health.

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