IN PHOTOS: Fish Keep Showing Up All Over Malta, And People Are Really Out There

Fishing skills apparently not required

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Malta's unexpected bounty of free sea bream seems to have no end, with fishermen lining up along all sorts of bays and inlets around the island.

Reports of fishermen in Xemxija, Mistra bay, and Gozo has arisen throughout the week, and fishermen have even been spotted on the urbanised Eastern coast, along the Sliema front, and even Spinola Bay.

Between the heavy traffic, construction and nightclubs, fishermen had multiple rods set up, with bags of pink gambli beside each fisherman, as numerous sea bream were landed.

Fishermen were lined up in Balluta Bay, with catches flying in every few seconds

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Some fish were being caught with such velocity that the rods snapped back, sending the fish flapping metres away from the road

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And the fishermen did not go unnoticed

A few souls were feeling lucky and set their rods up in Spinola Bay

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Though pickings were definitely much slimmer at this bay

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And just yesterday, fishermen were lined up at the Mġarr Harbour, picking up all the sea bream that had made it north

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