WATCH: 'Never Seen Anything Like This In Gozo': Sister Island's Fishermen Take Advantage Of Post-Storm Bounty

Anyone heading to Gozo today is advised to bring their rods along

One of the biggest legacies of medicane Dnegel will be the seemingly unlimited stock of sea bream in the waters. Yesterday, it was Gozo's turn, with fishermen lining up in Mġarr harbour to get their own stock of fish.

"Truly, I have never seen anything like this in Gozo, anyone with a fishing rod caught fish, even if you never fished before. Take a look at these guys catching awrat," said Manny Buhagiar, who uploaded a video of the scene Thursday afternoon.

While it doesn't quite parallel the Biblical scenes from last weekend, the fishermen can be seen catching left right and centre, with multiple fish popping up every few seconds.

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The fishermen seem to be in their element, easily catching the fish that are suspected to have escaped from a fish farm during the storm

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Many fishermen had buckets overflowing with fish, while others caught a serious amount of fish

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Screenshot 2019 03 01 At 10 01 23

Hundreds, if not thousands, of fish washed up in Xemxija last Sunday, with scores of people trying their luck in the gale force winds to grab some free awrat. The scene was so spectacular, it made headlines all around the world.

Following the storm, people were lining up along bays across the island, with reports of several fishermen taking to Mistra Bay on Tuesday. Now, it seems the lost fish-farmed fish have made their way to Gozo... just in time for carnival.

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