Malta's First Major Drug Bust Of 2018 Has Already Happened

Not even two weeks into the year

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Last year was a record year for the police confiscating weed in Malta. With 550kg of cannabis caught in just one bust alone last October, and with no change to the law, it was presumed that 2018 would be an even bigger year.

And it didn't take too long for that sentiment to be proven correct. 

30kg of cannabis have been confiscated by the police after a raid was conducted on a Ħamrun garage yesterday.

It took place at 4pm, and involved multiple officers blocking all access and exits to St. Vincent Street in Ħamrun, before raiding the garage to find the cannabis haul alongside €42,000 in cash.

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An Italian man and two Maltese men were arrested in connection with the haul, including one 44-year-old Maltese man who is known to the police. He had been caught in a drug bust last year when attempting to bring contraband to Malta by boat.

The area where the garage is located is known as a high-crime zone, and had been under surveillance by the police.

A BMW and a Fiat Cubo were both seized by the police alongside the drugs and the cash. 

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Had this drug bust happened in 2017, it would have been the fifth largest bust of the year. 

This comes just months before medicinal cannabis is set to be legalised and available in pharmacies across the country, before talks turn to the legalisation of cannabis for personal use.

What do you think about the first major weed bust of 2018?

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