Malta’s Newest Ultrasound Machine Allows You To Hold Your Baby Before It Is Born

New machine replaces blurry ultrasound images with extremely realistic 3D models

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Photo: Sweet Valley Clinic, Photo in Circle: Ruptly

If you’re pregnant and really cannot bear the wait to meet your new child, a Maltese family clinic is now offering an innovative solution.

The Sweet Valley clinic in Balzan has recently acquired an ultrasound machine capable of producing extremely high-definition images of unborn babies. After these images are printed, they are placed in another machine, which then develops 3D models of the foetuses.


The machine developing a 3D model of a foetus. Photo: Sweet Valley Clinic

“Pregnant women really enjoy showing ultrasound photos to their relatives and friends, but they will now be able to take an actual model of their unborn child home with them,” a Sweet Valley spokesperson told Lovin Malta.

However, the technology hasn’t only been introduced for sentimental reasons. As the clinic’s spokesperson explained, models will allow medical practitioners to better assess fatal health and observe any abnormalities from the early stages.

Prices start from €100 and increase according to the size of the 3D model requested.

Sweet valley clinic is co-financed by the European Union under the regional development funds

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