Malta’s Prime Minister Shares Twitter Banter With Buzzfeed Writer

Joseph Muscat is now tweeting about Buzzfeed writer's viral Youtube video

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A YouTube video by Buzzfeed writer Erin Chack recounting how she had accidentally become “famous” in Malta went viral worldwide overnight, and now even Prime Minister Joseph Muscat has given his two cents.

A few months ago, Chack was taken on a tour of Castille - including the rooftop - by Chris Mintoff, a Maltese architect who had started a crowdfunding campaign to get the writer to visit Malta following a listicle about the island she had written for Buzzfeed.


Slightly late to the party, Joseph Muscat this afternoon tweeted Chack’s video with a comment: ”Our office’s rooftop just got ‘reviewed’!”

Chack responded with a cheeky tweet: “You’re welcome on my roof anytime, Mr Prime Minister!”

The video was trending on Youtube, becoming the 16th most trending video last night.

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