Record-Breaking Numbers For Malta Public Transport As More People Turn To Buses

Over 5 million passengers used buses last month

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In the wake of online movements and concern about carbon footprints and traffic, Malta Public Transport have some really good news in number form. This August, an 11% increase was noted in public transport use when compared to last year.

"Malta Public Transport is proud to have achieved this new milestone. These new record passenger numbers confirm the trust and increased popularity of our bus service," said Konrad Pulé, General Manager at Malta Public Transport.

5.2 million passengers have used public transport services this August

It was also noted by the company that the largest increase was seen from Tallinja card users, which noted a good 12.6% rise. The company said that card users travel more regularly, seemingly choosing public transport over private transport.

The highest record was on the 8th of August. Over 186K commuters were recorded in just one single day.

The highest amount of passengers that used the bus on any given day in 2017 on the other hand, was that of 164K.

Malta Public Transport reports it is pleased with efforts to hire more bus drivers, investing in buses and creating direct routes. "This was made possible thanks to our employees, who notwithstanding the daily challenges, are committed to providing a reliable public transport service," Pulé added.

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