Today Is Your Last Chance To Get Air Malta's Infamous Bezzun


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Air Malta is currently undergoing some serious and much-awaited restructuring. For most travellers and Air Malta fliers though, nothing needed restructuring more than the onboard culinary offerings however.

And by that, we mean the goddamn bezzun of course.

*points at bezzun*

Air Malta's complementary bezzun, commonly known as "The Sandwich That Must Not Be Named" by travellers, chefs, and the general public alike, became infamous for being so crappy.

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Pictured: The bezzun

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Pictured: The commemorative "Maltese Flag Bezzun Edition" served on public holidays

Photo: Times of Malta

And as you can see from pictures from back in the day, they honestly do look quite crappy

It's like someone found all the sadness in the world and condensed it into little green and black bits of capers and olives, spread the most squished among them over shredded bits of orphaned children's hope (that's the tuna) atop a surface so dry and uninviting the ancient people from the Berber tribe refuse to even go near it.

Well, no need to worry about that anymore - unless you are literally getting on an Air Malta flight today - because they are officially retiring as of Air Malta's final Wednesday flight.

Air Malta fliers will aboard the national airline's planes from Thursday onwards to find a whole new menu to choose from.

After years of complaints, it's finally out with the low-quality, complimentary bezzuns and in with the more pricey, higher quality baguettes. It's like a metaphor for Malta or something, in bread-roll form.

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