Valletta Restaurant Ordered To Remove Bright Signage After Intense Backlash

Burgers.Ink's neon sign led to a whole lot of complaints before the place even opened its doors

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Backlash towards a bright and large sign advertising a new restaurant in the heart of Valletta has led to the removal of the sign - all before the restaurant even opened.

Burgers.Ink, the newest restaurant by chef Daniel Grech, is launching this week in the outside terrace of Is-Suq tal-Belt. However, the eatery's new sign, which was unveiled just days ago, has already divided people into those who thought it was a fitting sign for the over-the-top Daniel Grech, and for those who thought it was too ħamallu.

Now, the restaurant has been ordered to take down the sign and make a newer, smaller, and less bright sign.

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Pictured above: The sign in question

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Pictured above: Is-Suq tal-Belt after the sign was removed

Burgers.Ink will now have its soft opening tonight without a sign to welcome people

While some commentators felt the neon sign was in line with Daniel Grech's glitzy branding, others were incensed by the size of the sign, as well as the brightness of it, the font chosen, and its prominent placing outside Valletta's biggest food court.

Some criticised it for resembling a tattoo parlour, while others lamented the use of the front terrace of the recently refurbished Is-Suq tal-Belt for another restaurant - it was originally planned to become an art exhibition space.

Either way, Burgers.Ink will be opening the pages of its new menu tonight for the first time ever and serving burgers and pancakes to whoever orders them - bright sign or no bright sign.

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