WATCH: Malta Police Forcibly Remove Drum-Beating Activists From Planning Authority Headquarters

'Qasmulu rasu għalxejn'

Dramatic scenes unfolded on Facebook Live moments ago when police officers were ordered in to physically remove activists at the Planning Authority.

Moviment Graffitti and Kamp Emerġenza Ambjent went live on Facebook earlier today to hold an action at Planning Authority protesting the heavy influx of development proposals which keep making Maltese headlines, particularly those of petrol stations.

Around half an hour into the protest, however, (and two minutes 30 seconds into the video above) a number of police officers who had been previously waiting outside walked in, causing temporary panic among the MG and KEA members. As some of the banner-wielding, drummer-holding activists sat down on the floor, police officers swept in, and a couple of minutes of pure panic ensued.

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Blurry and chaotic, the Facebook Live clip shows some police officers manhandling the activists outside the premises, with officers shouting at people to stand up ("Qum min hemm!").

At one point, the camera drops next to an activist with a couple of police officers right on top of him, as the words "Tużax forza!" ("Don't use force") can be heard.

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"Qasmulu rasu għalxejn"

After the video was briefly interrupted, Moviment Graffitti returned to Facebook Live, this time from outside the premises.

Activists could be heard shouting at the police officers, accusing them of only acting tough with people like them, instead of actual lawbreakers.

At a point, the activist who had previously been seen on the ground can also be seen passing in front of the camera, with a cut across his forehead. "Unbelievable," one young man can be heard saying. "Qasmulu rasu għalxejn!"

The action continued outside, with activists drumming and chanting around the Planning Authority grounds.

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