WATCH: Maltese Hooper Breaks Hula Hoop Guinness Record With Her Team

299 hula hoops, 10 girls

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Young Maltese hula hooper Clare Brincat, who has in the past wowed festival goers with a break-out hula performance at Glastonbury festival, has received a Guinness World record for an epic group hula challenge.

Brincat, together with ten other women from a hula hooping group known as Marawa's Majorette's, spun a crazy 299 hoops outside London's Geoffrey's museum while under the watchful eye of a Guinness World record adjudicator. 

The official challenge for the record was for the most hula hoops spun by a group of ten above their waists. Before this attempt, the record held was for 264 spinning hoops. 

Congratulations to this talented hooper and all of her teammates!

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