Maltese Restaurant Launches Initiative To Help Save Local Farms

45 farms have closed down in five years

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Popular Maltese restaurant The Pulled Meat Company has announced it's been working on a project to boost the sustainability of farming in Malta.

Despite developing it for several months, the restaurant announced the initiative through its Facebook page where the team explained the project they've called 'Farm to Fork'. 

"In just five years over 45 farms have closed down" TMPC said, "we are extremely proud to work hand in hand with a local pig farmer who has been struggling to compete with cheaper, imported meat."

By working to improve the lifestyle and diet of the livestock, the pigs' lives have lengthened considerably. And together with the help of Veterinarian Dr Andrew Cachia The Pulled Meat Company will also be monitoring the animals on a weekly basis.

According to the page, healthier, local livestock also results in a superior product for the restaurant's clients, all while helping to ensure Maltese farms continue improving their conditions.

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